Co op games for pc.The 34 Best PC Co-op Games Available

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Co-Optimus – Your Prime Source for Co-Op Gaming – Listing of PC Co-Op Games.

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LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga. The Division 2.


Co op games for pc.The best co-op games for PC

Aug 07,  · You hate to play alone?These best co-op games for pc will help you find the next coop game for you and y Do you want to play together with your buddies? You hate to play alone?These best. Racing. Hit the road with the definitive version of Mario Kart 8 and play anytime, anywhere! Race your friends or battle them in a revised battle mode on new and returning battle courses. 1 – 4 players. Coop Games total score. 7. Jul 07,  · Co-op type: Local (on console and PC) and online Yes, Minecraft (opens in new tab) gets everywhere but for good reason: its digital .


Co op games for pc.The 25 best co-op games on PC to play in 2022


Putting players in different roles leads to fun and interesting cooperation, and this is a perfect example of how new technology can inspire wholly new types of play. The first few worlds you create give you the chance to learn the game rather than focus on surviving. So, if you want to play, you need a buddy. Similar to that game, A Way Out is a story-driven experience with countless plot twists and deep-rooted themes. Players can choose to play as Leo or Vincent, two convicted criminals. In the story, another character named Harvey frames both Leo and Vincent.

Together, they strive to break out of prison and obtain vengeance. A Way Out lasts about five hours, emphasizing the story and focusing less on logistics. The hours are incredibly entertaining, though, that it barely even matters. Read less Read more. But which ones should you pick up? Here are the best cooperative games you can play right now.

Genre Platform, Adventure. Developer Hazelight Studios. Publisher Electronic Arts. Release March 25, It Takes Two follows a struggling couple as they deal with an impending divorce. Still, It Takes Two stands out with its gameplay. True to the name, every puzzle and enemy encounter takes two people to beat.

Each character has access to a new ability with each level, forcing players to work together to progress the story. Developer People Can Fly. Publisher Square Enix. Release April 01, Outriders was an early hit for All of these systems combine to create one of the most frantic shooters of recent memory, with the core gameplay looped backed up by RPG elements and exciting loot.

The world tier system in the game allows you to adjust your difficulty, and you can drop into any story point from the home screen. That makes it easy for friends to drop in regardless of their level. On top of that, Outriders has four unique classes. Each class regains health by performing a different action the Trickster class, for example, regains health from getting close-range kills.

With the class system, each squad member has a role to play in combat, encouraging parties to communicate and work together to win. Read our full Outriders review. Developer Epic Games. Publisher Epic Games. Release July 25, Fortnite is one of the biggest games in the world, and for good reason.

Read our full Fortnite review. Monster Hunter Rise. Developer Capcom. Publisher Capcom. Rise brings over the many gameplay improvements seen in World , including a unified map for hunting monsters and the Wirebug tool, which allows you to quickly get around and activate some special attacks in combat. Although taking down monsters is fun on your own, Monster Hunter Rise is best with a group of hunters. Combining attacks and abilities to deal as much damage as possible is part of the fun.

You can team up with up to three other hunters online or through local co-op. Monster Hunter Rise also introduces the Rampage game mode, which tasks you with defending a village from monsters by attacks, setting up siege weapons, and instructing NPCs. Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Platforms Nintendo Switch. Genre Simulator. Publisher Nintendo. Release March 19, The sense of satisfaction that comes from showing off your island to your friends, and on the other side, visiting theirs, is unmatched in video games.

Read our full Animal Crossing: New Horizons review. Stardew Valley. Developer ConcernedApe. Publisher ConcernedApe, Chucklefish Games.

Release February 26, If you like the laid-back style of Animal Crossing: New Horizons but want something a little more focused, or are craving a new Harvest Moon-style game, look no further than Stardew Valley. This farming simulator is the ultimate relaxing experience, especially with friends. You can have a friend join your existing farm, but starting a new place from scratch together is just a fantastic way to hang out for some stress-free gaming with a friend.

Among Us. Genre Strategy, Indie. Developer InnerSloth. Publisher InnerSloth. Release June 15, Among Us was released in and for the majority of its life, it drew around to 1, players a day on Steam. You play as a crewmember with a list of short tasks to complete, including dumping trash, diverting power, and uploading files.

You’ll probably be rushing to play as either Kait or Del, the two beefcake heroes of Gears 5’s story campaign and the main ones doing all the shooting, sawing and yanking of robot plugs from the backs of unsuspecting enemies.

The third player takes control of Jack, Kait and Del’s friendly flying robo-drone who provides support for his human masters, laying down traps, dropping boosts, fetching weapons or providing a quick bit of first aid if you get downed. He’s not quite as much fun to play for experienced roadie runners, but there’s no denying that he adds a vital bit of spice to Gears 5’s action vocabulary.

Whether it’s mind-controlling swarm troops, turning you invisible or netting you a rare sniper rifle from a far-off perch, Jack is often the one who can turn the tide of a difficult battle.

Special mention must also go to Gears 5’s local splitscreen support. Some may prefer to offer their co-operative chainsaw from afar online, but there’s something about being in the same room that makes Gears 5 all the more enjoyable. It’s something we wish big blockbuster games did more often, and Gears 5 is a great example of how to do it well.

Vermintide 2 is clearly indebted to Valve’s zombie shooter Left 4 Dead. Each level can be tackled by up to 4 players, and sees you slaughtering hordes of enemies to reach the end intact. Special enemies threaten to pick off anyone that strays from the group, and the appearance of an occasional boss can tear through an unprepared team.

Those similarities might make it tempting to dismiss as a Left 4 Dead knock off, but you shouldn’t because Vermintide 2 has the best rats in video games. They’re man-sized opponents with weapons and minds of their own, making them individual combatants that are more satisfying to fight than ravenous zombies.

The five classes, each with separate skills and access to different weapons, help to give each player their own role. Those vermin are more varied, too, with a random selection of mini-bosses and horde types to make each run feel a little different.

Fatshark nailed the melee combat at its core and sprinkled in some breathtaking level design, and the end result might be the best horde survival game , even if you don’t like Warhammer. It’s not exactly the most original setting: a dilapidated space station filled with aliens and crimson, world-building wall graffiti. Viscera Cleanup Detail turns this tried and tested scenario on its head, tasking you not with repelling the aliens, but cleaning up the bloody aftermath with a mop that looks like Zoidberg’s mouth.

With up to 32 players, you mop up blood, collect spent shells, deposit bits of human in contaminant containers, refill med stations and incinerate body parts.

You might think that more players means faster cleaning, but with you all tracking bloodied footprints across the floor and knocking over buckets filled with gory slop, it won’t be long before things devolve into a food fight.

But with human limbs instead of food. Overcooked and its sequel Overcooked 2 are both are silly games of simmering and sizzling, the physical manifestation of the phrase “too many cooks spoil the broth”.

You’re in a kitchen with up to three other players, and you have to make food to order by preparing and combining certain ingredients. To get this done properly, everyone needs to carry out their appointed tasks pronto.

Thing is, it doesn’t always work out that way. The kitchens of Overcooked are constantly changing. Narrow spaces mean players get in each other’s way.

Sometimes the whole level shifts. Benches on a ship will slide down the deck with each large wave, altering the layout entirely, while cooking in two trucks means that one part of the kitchen will occasionally accelerate, suddenly becoming off-limits. How will you get the chow off the hob before it boils into an inedible paste? By shouting at your fellow chefs, of course. Overcooked 1 and 2 are much the same, but it’s 2 we’d recommend. For one, it’s now got online multiplayer as well as local, letting you play with those geographically distant friends.

For two, you can now throw ingredients back and forth between chefs. Your co-chef needs more mushrooms? Maybe he’ll catch the one you just threw to him; maybe it’ll bonk him right in the face. There is a lot of shooting and adventuring on this list, but very few opportunities to hang out in a turnip field.

Stardew Valley lets you live out an alternate life as a farmer, away from the hustle and bustle of cities and video games with guns. It’s about escape. Ever since the multiplayer update, you can now escape with friends. It provides a place to be rather than a challenge to overcome. Each of you gets to dodder around town, either working together and divvying up tasks or ploughing away at individual farms.

It’s not that the Valley feels sterile without other humans, but there are only so many blackberries you can hand over to your NPC neighbours before your relationships start feeling one dimensional. With real people in the mix, you get an actual community. Maybe your pal has a spare melon you can give to Penny for her birthday.

Maybe they’ll bake you a cake. Or steal your chickens. People breathe warmth and life into this farming game fantasy that’s already about those things. You’ve got the freedom to pursue whatever charming humdrum activity takes your fancy. Go fishing. Comb the beach. Or, if you want, mercilessly compete to see who can optimise profits. It’s your farm. It’s a simple pitch: a group of dwarven friends with class-based skills walk into an asteroid, mine for materials, and fight back the critters who fancy them for dinner.

What complicates matters is the need to leave again: once their pockets are full, the dwarves have got five minutes to down pickaxes and reach an escape pod before it leaves without them.

This is even more complicated than it seems, because the asteroid’s tunnels and caverns are a twisting warren interspersed with enormous drops.

Re-trace your path inwards in reverse, in a rush, and it’s easy to get lost – and those drops are now, of course, climbs. If you thought to make your ad hoc constructions two-way when you threw them up on the way in, then no problem. If you were hasty, or if your platforms were destroyed by explosive enemies, then you’re going to need to construct a new route.

The adrenaline rush of your extraction is a thrill with friends over voice comms all panicking together. If you’ve never played Payday 2 or its predecessor, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was about perfect planning, stealth and crowd control. The reality is a bit different, and it usually goes like this: the four of you excitedly chat about how you’re going to approach a heist, you split up, someone fudges it almost instantly and every police officer in the world turns up to shoot you all in the head.

It’s more wave defense than precision stealth, with each player setting up traps, sharing ammo and trying to keep the police at bay as a timer ticks down.

This is your typical battle royale set within the Call of Duty universe. Players have the ability to customize their character and loadouts a bit before dropping into a massive map and trying to demolish the competition. Like other games in the genre, players will be exploring the map, gathering resources, and fighting off other players. There are a few different game mode options allowing you to play solo or in duos, trios, or quads.

The development studio has been updating the game regularly to ensure that bugs are fixed as soon as possible. The streaming hit of is, at its essence, a murder mystery game. One or more players are randomly assigned to be traitorous aliens with the goal to kill everyone else. At any time, players can call a timeout to talk over the clues and vote to send suspicious crewmates into the airlock. As a traitor, you can sow chaos not just with kills, but also by throwing accusations at your innocent friends.

PC Xbox Nintendo. Anyone who had a PC back in remembers Portal 2 as being one of the biggest hits of the year. One of the most fun parts of the title playing the entire story along with a friend to solve different teleportation puzzles.

Similar to its predecessor, it is widely believed to be one of the greatest video games ever made. The franchise was brought out by Valve and brings players together in a cooperative game mode to fight off a variety of undead.

A first-person shooter action title, the undead variety adds a nice spin on how to deal with the enemy. All-in-all, the game offers relatively short levels as players are mainly tasked with reaching a certain area to escape the infected city. With two main installments available, the Left 4 Dead series continues to find active players on the PC due to fan-created levels which are also often available for cooperative gameplay.

This game does offer the ability to allow up to four players in a local co-op. Online, you can work with up to eight players. A staff favorite, Valheim mixed the fun of survival adventure games with the difficulty of being a Viking who needs to abide by the laws of Nordic gods.

Players can craft supplies and structures to create villages while also fighting Nordic creatures with their friends to gain new abilities and a stronger character. A single server can host up to four players, and players can drop in and drop out in order to hunt animals and craft items to help each other out in developing the greatest Nordic settlement anyone has ever seen.

The Diablo franchise has been around for decades and while we all wait for the next mainline installment to release, we can still pick up and enjoy Diablo 3. This action RPG still holds up just as well today, giving the definitive loot-filled hack-and-slash gameplay experience. A traditiona l Diablo game, players pick a class, head into different levels, fight off a slew of demonic enemies, and gather all kinds of loot. Castle Crashers is a pretty iconic indie title from th e development team The Behemoth.

Visually, the game is a 2D side-scroller where players face a series of boss battles. Up to four players can join in the battle in what will take most players about seven hours to complete. Divinity: Original Sin II takes place after the first installment. Players can make up a team of four as they play through a deep and meaningful narrative, taking on quests around the world and potentially slaying the Bishop. This is a multiplayer RPG title inviting friends to play together. It’s a delight that also feels like going on a walk in a cheese dream with a friend.

Just wait until you see the hat shops too. Stardew Valley hands you the keys to a run-down farm in a small, lazy town and asks you to turn its fortunes around.

You can chop up wood and plant crops, fish and trade, craft and scavenge, or you can just wander around town chatting to the pleasant townsfolk. This game became famous for its relaxing singleplayer mode, but the online co-op is, in our opinion, the best way to play. With up to three co-op partners, you can come up with freeform projects, dividing up tasks to hasten production. Taking on the roles of tough girls Nessa and Demelza, Knight and Bikes sees you exploring Penfurzy Island in a Goonies-inspired tale where bikes are king, and mischief is paramount.

It’s made by Moo Yu and Rex Crowle, who are both ex-Media Molecule, so, as you can imagine, it’s infused with quirk, cuteness, and the kind of spirit you can only find in a Famous Five book. Yes, the gameplay is about puzzle solving, mini-games of crazy golf, and riding your bike as fast as you can humanly pedal, but it’s also a heartfelt adventure about two kids that offers the kind of gameplay experience that you can rarely have. And it’s even better with a real-world friend by your side.

Although you can play Sea of Thieves opens in new tab solo, this is very much a game that encourages you to tell stories, and, more importantly, create those tales with other people. Galleons can be sailed by crews of up to four, with adventures spinning out from the various voyages you undertake. That might be finding buried treasure, collecting goods to trade with the merchants, or hunting down undead pirate captains. Or, you know, fighting a Kraken or taking on a huge Skeleton Fort. At their heart, the Diablo games have always been about the pursuit of ever-shinier loot.

Having someone to share your latest, shiniest ring with makes those rare finds all the more thrilling, and being able to share drops between your party makes it easier to create powerful characters. Bungie’s sci-fi epic is built on the ability to join up with other players as much as possible.

Part FPS, part MMO, Destiny 2 opens in new tab ‘s outstanding shooting mechanics and tempting loot grinds will keep you and your friends in for the long run, or at least until Destiny 3 inevitably comes out and everyone jumps ship.

Not only are there a ton of Adventures, Strikes, Nightfalls, and six-person raids to participate in, but you’ll also find yourself working with random players you encounter in the world. Public Events literally fall out of the sky, tasking you and anyone nearby to fight off hordes of enemies for that extra piece of loot. If you’ve somehow never jumped on the Destiny train, you still have time to find and friend and become a Guardian pf the galaxy today.

The newest entry in one of the most wholesome series ever made feels like the perfect game to play in self-isolation. Pick up sticks. Shake trees for fruit. Decorate your home.

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